At Yeemin Pack. we believe you can have a positive impact on your community by making sustainable packaging choices. Working with industry and collaborating with our customers, we offer a range of packaging options to meet your needs, and they are responsible, by design.
At Yeemin Pack, we have a team who specialise in solutions for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), grocery and industrial sectors. Browse some of our products below or Contact Us for more information.
We employ technical experts and invest in latest machinery to deliver the high level of customisation, innovation and functionality demanded in this market segment.
This technical capability forms the foundation for Yeemin Pack to produce a high-quality product offering, a key factor for success in an industry where packaging must meet the requirements of our customers’ own machinery on filling lines.
Environmental considerations are always an imperative. That is why we specialise in paper and board substrates and only source our raw materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers, innovating to minimize or eliminate the use of plastics.
Our Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), grocery and industrial sector items are designed to fit your needs.
If you are interested in these items, Contact Us to learn how these bespoke items can be customised for you. MOQs apply.

Products and Services

Our food  paper bags are made from FSC™ Mix, or FSC™ Recycled certified unlined paper (License code FSC™ C110879). Paper delivery bags are robust and sturdy and can be stored easily......

Food Paper Bags

Paper bags wholesale with and without printing, have become a popular type of carrier bags. They are widely used in industrial production, retail chains, fast food, fashion stores and others.....

Shopping Bags

YeeMin design packaging with end of life in mind. Our items are responsible, by design.
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