Yeemin PACK’s vision is to be recognised by our customers and the industry as the leading supplier of specialty packaging products by providing superior quality, service and value. We've been making brands shine since 2010.

Perfect packaging

Our goal, in cooperation with our customers, is to create the perfect packaging for their products. Service, reliability and quality always come first.

Our strengths

The main advantages of our company include excellent communication, quality consultancy in the field and especially cooperation in new projects.

We guarantee quality

Thanks to proven and quality paper suppliers from leading world producers we are able to guarantee stable quality of our packaging.

Your satisfaction

During our existence, Yeemin PACK became a strong partner for many small, medium and large companies and the satisfaction of our customers is confirmed by their long-term cooperation with us.




You can make a positive impact on your community by making sustainable packaging choices. Working with industry and collaborating with our customers, Yeemin Pack offer a range of packaging options to meet your needs, and they are responsible, by design.
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