Paper Bags With a Rectangular Bottom

The paper bag is one of the most popular forms of packaging for consumers, and in recent years it has also become an obvious choice from an ecological perspective. The traditional free-standing construction is practical for many people, and thus becomes added value for your product, which can become a decisive factor for many end customers.

These paper bags are normally used in the industry for packing loose foodstuffs or building mixtures.
Thus, they can have the following uses:

1.Sacks for packing flour
2.Sacks for packing sugar
3.Sacks for packing rice
4.Single-layer or double-layer sacks for tea
5.Sacks for spices
6.Paper bags for confections (bonbons, sweets)
7.Single-layer or double-layer sacks for building chemicals
8.Paper popcorn bags
9.Fast food paper bags
We will choose the most suitable material, from both a functional and an aesthetic perspective, according to the packaged product. We will help you choose more advantageous printing technology for the bag; we will be happy to share our experience during design creation, and thanks to a knowledge of printing technology we will send comments to graphic artists so that the resulting print is of the highest quality.
The Technical Options of Bag Production
Dimensional options:

a) width: 75 - 450 mm
b) length: 180 - 670 mm
c) bottom: 40 - 220 mm

Other options:

Option of single-layer or double-layer bags
Paper weight from 50 – 130 gsm, in various designs
Option of a one-inch undercut
Transparent PP window
Flexo printer:

Up to 8 colours
HD flexo
Option of gloss
Option of lamination
Printing of special colour, such as for example gold

Offset printer:

Up to 8 colours
EB Technology
High print fineness
Option of EB gloss
Option of lamination


You can make a positive impact on your community by making sustainable packaging choices. Working with industry and collaborating with our customers, Yeemin Pack offer a range of packaging options to meet your needs, and they are responsible, by design.