Paper Bags With Flat Handles

Paper Shopping Bags

These products are widely used in industrial production, for example for packing cat litter, animal feed, charcoal and briquettes. Furthermore, these bags are also used in retail chains, bakeries, fast food outlets, fashion shops etc.

We distinguish between two types of paper shopping bag handles.

Bags With Flat Handles

These bags are most frequently used in industry and fast food outlets for taking food home. Regarding bags for industrial production, they're usually double-layer and are also suitable for high-performance automatic packing lines. The high quality of the bags enables problem-free operation in any production. In the case of packaging for greasy products, paper-lined with PE, which provides an excellent barrier against grease, can be used. The flat handle is more pleasant to grip even if the bag's content is heavier, which is why we see it, for example, on bags for animal feed, which can weigh over 10 kg.

Technical Options

1.Paperweight 70 gsm - 120 gsm
2.The flat handle is glued from the inside, from the outside, or, in the case of double-layer bags, between the layers
3.Option of using the inner layer lined with polyethylene, used as a barrier against grease

Luxury Paper Shopping Bags

We also offer paper shopping bags for luxury goods, with a high paperweight and the option of lamination and a cotton handle. They're used mainly for expensive and luxury goods such as watches, jewellery etc.. For these bags, we mainly offer offset printing, which enables a definition of the maximum possible quality, with the option of gloss or lamination. Given the sphere of use and method of manufacture of this product, we're able to offer production series of as little as 500 pieces.



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