Paper boxes are a multifunctional and environmentally friendly packaging and storage solution, gradually becoming the preferred choice in many industries. It provides an ideal solution for various purposes due to its lightweight, recyclable, and customizable characteristics.

Food Box  Foldable Cardboard Trays

The cardboard boxes for food are designed with the classic brown kraft paper, and the burger wrapping papers are red and white checkered, which is suitable for most occasions, can add more rustic feeling for birthday party, wedding, baby shower, carnival and more.

Paper Box without Packaging

Premium Leak and Grease-Resistant Material: Our food packaging boxes are made of high-class food-grade chlorine free kraft brown paper, leakproof and greaseproof, eco-friendly and safe to use. These kraft lunch containers have tab-lock tops to maintain food freshness, and poly coated interior to prevent mess, which are compact and secure during transport.

4 Corner Pop Up Food Box

Premium Paperboard Food Box Tray: Our 4 corner pop up food trays are made of high-class food-grade kraft paper that is not easy to tear or rip, eco-friendly and biodegradable, sturdy and chip-resistant, leak-proof and grease-resistant, just enjoy your yummy food without worrying about spillage or grease stains
Pop Up Design and Versatile Uses: DEAYOU kraft paper food trays feature with thoughtful “Pop Up” construction, which are not only perfect for holding pastas, sandwiches, burgers, fries, soda.......


You can make a positive impact on your community by making sustainable packaging choices. Working with industry and collaborating with our customers, Yeemin Pack offer a range of packaging options to meet your needs, and they are responsible, by design.